Thursday, October 29, 2009

…don’t be afraid little ones



She is a little bit freaky right?

…it’s a ghost, it’s a fatal disease, it’s David Ike

I think it is entirely possible that we are all capable of making up scary shit. Whether its convincing ourselves we have a terminal brain tumour, or that the scratching through the wall is, without a doubt, I mean there is NO WAY it is not, a ghost who either wishes us harm or just really wants to scare the wits out of us. As a kid this amazing imagination also means we can play shops and super fun games, as well as imagining the scary monster under the bed. When I was a kid I imagined all kinds of scary evil things coming to get me, but I also believed that everyday was my birthday but that everyone had forgotten to tell me. Back then, imagination meant I could make believe good exciting things along with the bad scary stuff. These days, and especially this week, it has all been about the bad scary stuff.


Ghostly white, but still pretty.

Ben is taking some very cool supernatural photos, so in the course of two weeks I have been both ghost and human, witnessed levitations of humans and chairs, seen ectoplasm spill from someone’s nose and seen ghosts linger around the stairwell of my house looking darn right creeptastic, and just a little too not translucent to be believable.


Wonder what she was like when she was alive?

I have also heard my friends talk about David Ike and his lizard people theories, which frankly, genuinely worry me. I keep imagining Kevin Rudd’s head splitting open and a snarling scaly lizard beast spilling forth screaming ‘I ruled you all and you didn’t even know it, HA, and you stupid people even drank the fluoride poisoned water, I control you all’. THIS, I tell you, does not make an insomniac’s job any easier.

I used to laugh at my adult male pals who get together once a week to play a game of good old fashioned Dungeons & Dragons, but I think I get it now. It’s amazing that they can use their mind and their ability to make shit up for good; for, dare I say it, FUN! I’m a little bit jealous and wish I could do the same. So, this Halloween, I will not be dressing as something scary, or evil, or dead; I will be something fun and light hearted. Now, let me think…

Text and Photos by Samantha Murdoch

…its FANGtastically tasty

This awesome red velvet vampire fang cake was a hit at out last party, recreate it for your Halloween festivities!


Looks gross, but it tastes SO mmmm good.

…you will need

  • 3 boxes of butter cake mix
  • HEAPS of red food dye
  • 3 bags glace cherries
  • Cocoa powder
  • 300g butter
  • 1 large bag icing mixture
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Vanilla essence
  • 1 deep rectangle non stick cake tin
  • A large foil or paper covered board

SO, if you don’t want to be lazy you can really make the cakes from scratch, but whatever floats your boat kids. Follow the instructions on the cake packets one at a time then add heaps of red food dye (trust me, it takes a lot to make it red and not a yucky insipid icky colour), a bag of chopped glace cherries per mix, and a tablespoon of cocoa powder per mix. Just so you know, the cherries are meant to be guts, and the cocoa powder helps the blood colour along and tastes good. It would be easier to bake both the cakes at once, but if you only have one tin that’s fine. Once the cakes are done, leave to cool completely, because, if you try and assemble it whilst its still hot it will break, I PROMISE YOU!

My icing never turns out great, so it’s is probably your best bet to find a butter cream icing recipe and follow that. Most of the icing mixture will be used for the vamps pearly whites, but put a bit aside and add tonnes more red colouring to make the blooooooooood that drips from the fangs.

em and bats

Going batty? Nah, it’s just really good cake.

To put the cake together you need to cut two of the cakes into single fang shapes and put on each side of the board with enough room in between for the other cake which forms the regular teeth. cut grooves into the other cake so people know they are teeth (this is just in case you have reeeeeaaally stupid people at your party). If it doesn’t look like fangs at this point, you are pretty screwed but feel free to cut pieces of here and there which you can stick on other places later with icing. Icing it is the heaps fun bit, so go nuts, channel your creative energies and get your artistic juices flowing!

You may have to tell your guests that it’s not in fact teeth or blood or guts they are eating, it’s yummy yummy cake.

Text and Photos by Samantha Murdoch

…step right up and check out these freaks


Liquorish allsort woman, watch out, she will get you with her stripy candy!


OH MY GOD it’s the man with half a face, don’t be scared kids, he is mostly harmless.


ladies and gentleman gather round and take a closer look at the woman with no face and a freakishly long arm.


Folks, steer clear of this sweet looking little lady, she is plotting your death!

Text by Samantha Murdoch
Photos by Samantha Murdoch and Benjamin Holdstock